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October 1999

Hunter's Road part 4.JPG (117840 bytes)

Our best day ever!  A limit of Michigan grouse, including a true double and woodcock.  Ginger and the 16 Gauge Skeet gun, #6,858, made the day.

April 2001

Hr. Jagermeister and his largest Turkey, killed with a Winchester Model 21 Duck Gun #30,136  fitted with the 32" F/F barrels.  The bird fell to a Winchester 1 1/4 oz load of buffered, copper plated #4 shot.

2003, Louisiana

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#6937 A beautiful 16 gauge two trigger gun, two handsom Britts and three Woodcock(two banded!!).

May 2004, South Africa

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#16,561 a 16 Gauge Delux, a two barreled set built in 1943, in South Africa hunting Greywing Francolin

January 2001
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#23,359, a 12 Gauge Skeet Gun with Ginger in Kansas.

A Model 21 Fan and a PA Turkey!

A nice Duck Gun.  Made in 1949 with 30-inch F/F barrels, #25,245 made short work of this 21 pound Pennsylvania turkey.


A gorgeous 30" barreled Duck Gun

November 2002

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#26,966 20-Gauge
3-Inch Magnum, 28" M/F

December 2008

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#06,615 16-Gauge WS-1/WS-1

07/13/09 M.C. Manges