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A Second Model 21 with an Unusual Trigger

    The letter from the Cody Museum for this Model 21 is unclear in some parts but it does indicate that the standard rib frame was replaced with a frame for a ventilated rib.  However, the letter makes no mention of changing the serial number.  The letter states that the front sight was removed from the barrels, the sight hole plugged, and a ventilated rib installed.  The standard sights for ventilated barrels were fitted as well.  The factory replaced the butt stock with a straight grip stock measuring 5 inches around the wrist!  By comparison the circumference of 12 and 20 gauge straight grip stocks are typically about 4 to about 4 inches.  The length of pull of this gun is 14 inches to the solid recoil pad, which is standard equipment for a Trap Grade Model 21.  Fitted with 32-inch ventilated rib barrels and Trap forend #8,159 weighs 8lbs. 2oz.
   However, the most significant custom feature of this gun is the single trigger.   The trigger features an extension and a second finger pad fitted to the face of a regular single trigger.  The face of the forward 'trigger pad' measures 1 inches to the rear of a line extending down from the rear of the receiver, the rear 'pad' is 1 inches from this imaginary line.   The triggers of a regular double trigger gun are positioned 1 and 2 inches respectively from the receiver.  A standard single trigger is, not surprisingly, 1 inches from the rear of the receiver.  The stock dimensions and trigger extension no doubt were designed to fit the hands and arms of a large individual.  The custom trigger, fabricated and installed on Model 21 #8,159, may be the best example of Winchester's willingness to do anything a customer wanted.  Model 21 #8,159 is a fine example of what was possible during the golden age of  American gun building .  By comparison I purchased a Ruger Red Label in 1980 and asked Ruger if a second set of barrels could be fitted.  Their reply was a prompt, polite, but, no thank you.

The bullets below were taken from the letter from the Cody Museum.

  • Began final inspection on May 18, 1933.

  • Completed final inspection on May 19, 1933.

  • 32 inch. Ventilated Rib.

  • Right Full Choke - Left Full Choke.

  • Solid Recoil Pad.

  • Plug up front sight hole and fit 81E sight.

  • Fit new 72A rear sight.

  • Single Trigger.

  • Trigger in Rear Position.

  • Trap Grade.

  • Fit new frame complete.

  • Fit new top.

  • Beavertail forend complete.

  • Fit new hard hand -made trap butt stock with Winchester recoil pad Oversize Straight Grip.

  • 14 1/2 in length of pull, 1 5/8 in drop at comb, 1 3/4 in drop at heel, No pitch.

  • All the details are documented in the letter from the Cody Museum.

click on the photo for a close up
Trap Grade Wood - Notice the Thick Pistol Grip

click on the photo for a close up

click on the photo for a close up

Notice the hand stamped chamber length.
This marking is seldom seen on early barrels.

2002 M.C. Manges