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Winchester Model 21

Tables of Interest to the Model 21 Enthusiast.

Serial Number vs. Date of Manufacture

  • A compilation of Model 21 serial number vs. known dates of manufacture.  This table consists of serial numbers of Model 21's for which the date of manufacture is documented.  Winchester made no attempt to use Model 21 receivers in sequential order.  Consequently, it is impossible to estimate with precision the date of manufacture with just the serial number.  Other factors must be considered, i.e. configuration, checkering, wear, etc., and then only an approximation can be made. Factory records, on file at the Cody Firearms Museum are the only way to know the manufacturing date for sure.

Table of Winchester Shotgun Sights and Placement on the Model 21

  • This table is from the Winchester General catalog of 1933 and sight placement specifications from Blueprint 2133-0682.  In addition to the sights in the table Winchester also supplied colored sights.  The 1942 Component Parts catalog lists a Bradley 1/8" or 5/32" Ivory or Red Bead Front Sights at $1.00 each and a Winchester White Metal Middle 94B at $0.18.  The catalog also list a Middle Sight for Matted Rib 94B 0.067" Bead for $0.18.  I can only guess what the difference between the two 94B sights.

Weights of Model 21's and other Popular Shotguns

  • This table compares the weight of various Model 21s to similar shotguns from other American manufacturers.  I'll be expanding it to include over 30 American doubles and a few British.  I'll also include the physical dimensions of the receivers.

Model 21 Choke Table

  • This table is a compilation of Winchester's choke specifications.  Note the dimensions are for original borings.  When Winchester opened a choke they sometimes would have to re-bore the barrel.   Consequently, the choke should be measured as the difference between the bore diameter and the maximum (minimum diameter) constriction.

Actual Bore and Choke Measurements of some Model 21's

  • This table consist of actual bore and choke measurements of Model 21's.  All the measurements were taken with bore gauge from Galazan.

Pattern Testing of Various Model 21's and other Shotguns

  • A tabulation of pattern testing of various Model 21's and other shotguns.  Where possible bore dimensions are included.

Model 21 20 Gauge 3-Inch Magnum Production Estimate

  • The data in this table is interpolated from Schwing's data for Model 21's manufactured between 1954 and 1959.   I used known figures of guns made for stock and applied the percentages to the guns made under special orders to estimate the number of 20 gauge 3-Magnum Field Grade guns of various barrel lengths.

Table of Straight Grip Circumferences of Documented Model 21's

  • This table is a compilation of measurements made by myself, friends and readers of documented Model 21 straight grip stocks.

2010 M.C. Manges