Catalog #1122
The first Model 21 Catalog

Under construction - Remaining panel of the showing entire gun will be uploaded soon!

Use your scroll bar to view each panel.  Multiple panel sections can be viewed by clicking on the 'close up' link.

Front panel

Note a double trigger gun with what appears to be 30 or 32 inch barrels and splinter forend.

Back panel

Here Winchester states their intent to establish a pre-eminent position in the double gun market.   Note the rifleman illustrated was not commissioned for this leaflet but first appeared in print ads and then later in other Model 21 catalog #1184.

The remaining panels establish the marketing strategy, emphasizing strength, safety and durability, that Winchester used for the Model 21 during the entire time the gun was made.

close up

close up

Note, the cut-away gun is a double trigger, extractor gun.  Appearently, the single trigger nor the ejector systems were ready in time for the printing of this leaflet.  This drawing was also used in catalog #1184