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The First Post WWII Model 21 Catalog 1948
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page 3

The first catalog without the double trigger, extractor gun.  The catalog also lists the beaver-tail fore-end as standard on the field guns.

The den scene is one of my favorite catalog illustrations.   Though, I would add a Model 52 Sporting to the rack. 

Where is our well healed sportsman?

Feeding his Setter, of course!

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page 14
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page 15
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page 16 Standard or Field Gun.  Text announces the Beaver-tail forend as standard equipment.
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page 17 Standard of Field Gun
(Single Trigger Selective Ejection)
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page 18 Skeet Guns
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page 19 Skeet Guns Vent and Solid Ribs
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page 20 Trap and Duck Guns
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page 21 Trap and Duck Guns
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page 22 Delux Grade Gun
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page 23 Delux Grade Trap and Delux Field Gun