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SOLD: Model 21 #26,966, 20-gauge, 3-in. Mag., 28" M/F. $8,500.  Call 440-670-1956 or via e-mail below.

For SALE: Model 21 #4,870 20-gauge, 2-3/4", 28" M/F.  Double trigger, straight grip, extractor.  $4,500.  Call 440-670-1956 or via e-mail below.

Sling Swivels for the Model 21 are only listed in Component Parts Catalogs. Certainly Winchester fitted a few Model 21's at the factory, probably for the European trade.

A Connecticut gun-maker, who wishes to remain anonymous, gave me this fascinating 1935 letter from John Olin to Edwin Pugsley where he discusses problems with the Model 21.

A seldom seen catalog insert featuring quotes from gun writer and editor Capt. E.C. Crossman. This insert accompanied the 'Chrysler Gun' Catalog.

A relative of Herb Parsons sent a link to a page dedicated to Herb.  Take a look!

I've uploaded a table of Specifications of Double Barrel Shotguns.  Click on this link and let me know what you think.

A reader writes -  "I have a 21 my grandfather bought right after they came out. (sic)
    traded a mule and $10 for it. I still have it and it is as tight now as the day he bought it".

I'm always in the market for anything '21', so if you have something you don't need or would like to trade, send me an e-mail.

Send your questions and comments to me:   HH01518A.gif (838 bytes)

For Sale

1st Custom Shop Era Catalog



         Circumferences of Straight Grip Stocks

         Serial Numbers vs. Completion Dates

         Model 21Sights and Placement

         Model 21 Choke Dimensions

         Actual Bore and Choke Measurements

         Actual Weights of Model 21's and other shotguns

         Results of limited pattern testing.

         Production estimate for the 20 Gauge 3-Inch Magnum

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Ordering instructions.


For Sale

Un-circulated Fox Sterlingworth Pamphlet

For Sale

1938 Browning Pamphlet

Model 21



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Model 21

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Herb Parsons-The Last Winchester Exhibition Shooter

         Chuck Hawks - Firearms Page and more

         Buffalo Bill Historical Center

         Cody Firearms Museum - The Source for Model 21 Factory Records

         Winchester Arm Collectors Association

         Parker Gun Collectors Association

Model 21
Engravings and Carvings

Model 21
Gun Cases

Model 15W26 Leather Case

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Model 21's

Special Model 21's

Model 21


Model 21


Model 21's in Action

Send me your favorite photo and I'll post it.


         J.M. Olin Letter

         A Model 21 Without "W-P" Proof-Marks


         Buying That Model 21

         Inspecting for rust between the ribs.

         Trigger Plate Flaking

         An example of a special order 3-Inch chamber gun
updated 11/26/2002

         Major John Hession and the Hession Forearm

         Documented choke changes.

         Rock Elm Forearm Insert


         Special Trigger


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