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Special Model 21's

(click on an image for a close-up)

A pair of beautiful pre-war custom built Model 21 20-gauges.

The top gun, #2,415, was built in October, 1935.  Only the gauge, barrel length, straight grip and hard rubber butt plate match the factory records.  However, Nick Kusmit, retired Winchester engraver, confirms that the #4 engraving was performed by George A. Ulrich.  The gun has two sets of 28" barrels, one set IC/IMP MOD, the other F/M.  Each set has it's own fore-arm, one regular, the other beavertail.   Both fore-arm irons are engraved.  All parts are numbered correctly to the gun.  Several knowledgeable collectors, and Nick believe the gun was returned to the factory and upgraded.

The bottom gun, #11,892, was built in January, 1937.  The factory letter states the gun was built for Buhl and Sons, Co.  It originally came with a 26" M/IC barrels and a straight grip.  The gun was returned on May 14, 1951 and had the following work done: Ream right barrel to cylinder, engrave balance of gun similar to #3 omitting the game scene and adding more scroll work(note engraving on the barrels is similar to #5 pattern, compare with the #4 gun above), gold plate trigger, fit new fancy stock and forearm with deluxe checkering, fit full leather covered recoil pad - round corners, fit an extra set of 28" M/F barrels.  The gun is cased in a marked A&F leather trunk style case.  The factory records also indicate that the trigger plate screw was replaced!

#4320 Custom Built 20-gauge skeet gun finished in 1933.  This special order shotgun carries the rare 5A pattern and a forearm 2-inches shorter then regular.
(click on the photo for a close-up) 
#27,525 Duck Gun
Built in Sept, 1952 for Kerr Sports, Hollywood, Ca.
32" ventilated rib, choked F/F
Pistol grip with a rubber grip cap.

I wonder if Kerr Sports was connected to the Kerr - Mason canning jar firm.
Alex Kerr was an active and successful competitor who shot Model 21's.

Libby, a pretty Gordon Setter, a brace of birds and a 1935 vintage 20 gauge.
An early 12 gauge with the early fore-arm release.  With 30 F/F barrels and double trigger and ejectors it is one of the first styles offered.  Of special interest is the early rounded frame.  The gun was professionally restored.
#8,159 an early gun refitted at the factory with a most unusual option.
#9,275(top), Built in 1939 for the Western Cartridge Co. with the Trap finish, #1 engraving by Ulrich and 26" WS1/WS2 barrels.

The bottom gun but has double triggers and an extractor.   Nick Kusmit did the engraving.

The engraving and stock work are nearly identical.

#26,966 - 20 Gauge, 28" M/F with 3-inch chambers, automatic safety, pistol grip stock with a hard rubber butt plate.  Made in 1952, this gun is one of the first 20 gauge 3-inch magnums.
#14,752 a mid-40's skeet gun restocked with fancy French walnut by Al Bieson of Spokane, Washington to use as his personal skeet gun.   He never shot it well and thus traded it off.  The present owner bought the gun 15 years ago in Idaho and had it engraved by Steve Lindsay in a style similar to Winchesters #5-A pattern.  It has 26" Vent rib barrels bored WS1&WS2.
Duck Gun, #30,136, once owned by a senior Winchester executive.  See the Weight Comparison Table for details of the guns specifications.