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A Salesman's Folio for the Model 21 dating from 1930.  Of interest are the early hand marked photographs and what I believe is the first price list published for the Model 21.
The 1934 Sales Manual.  Contains, among other things, interesting remarks about the Try-Guns, weight tables and a fascinating discussion of Winchesters early philosophy of proofing double shotguns.   The ammunition chapter contains the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Standards, table of "Loaded Paper Shot Shells".  Note there is no mention of a 2 3/4 inch sixteen gauge shell.
The "1935 Try Gun Manual".  A treatise on Winchester's idea of proper gun fit.   An interesting read. Notice that a double trigger gun is shown in the diagram on page1 while a single trigger gun is used in the photographs.  Was there ever a double trigger try-gun?
1938 Sales Manual combines the 1934 Sales Manual and the Try Gun Manual but with an abbreviated ammunition section.
The first post W.W.II Salesman's Handbook, first edition.  The post war edition contains more detailed descriptions and cut-away photographs of the guns than did the pre-war versions.  The Handbook includes sections about each class of game with line drawings of the guns and appropriate ammunition.  The second edition does not recommend the Model 21 for rabbit hunting.
The last Salesman's Handbook of the Model 21 production era.  What is interesting is the omission of the Model 21 20 gauge 3-Inch magnum but the inclusion of the Model 70 chambered for the .358 Winchester.  Just another example of incongruity between Winchester's manufacturing and marketing departments.
Winchester Western Product Sales Guide.  Note the merging of Winchester & Western product names.  The first Sales Guide to include the Model 21.  The second, copyright 1964, omitted the Model 21 in favor of the then new Model 101.


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