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Model 21 Catalogs

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This is the first Model 21 "Catalog", form #1122 published in 1930.  Only matted rib barrels.

October 15, 1930 Retail Price list, form #C-1041A-10M 11-30.  The earliest Winchester Retail Price list to mention the Model 21.  This Price List announced the Model 21 to Winchester dealers, preceding public announcement by three month (see next pane).  The Price List is part of Mr. W.R. Woods Salesman's Portfolio, c.1930-1960.  Winchester records show the Model 21 with double triggers was first shipped to the warehouse in March 1931, though the gun was not announced to the public until January 2, 1931.  Evidently Winchester Salesmen were promoting the Model 21 as early as October 1930 and probably taking orders from dealers and distributors to be filled in early 1931.

January 2, 1931 Retail Price list, form #C-1041A-25M-1-31.  This single sheet price list is the first to list the Model 21 with double trigger, standard grade, and accompanied the first 1930 catalog, which made no mention of the Model 21.  This price list officially announced the Model 21 to the general public(note that dealers were inform in 1930 see pane above), orders were taken and the first shipments to the warehouse were made in March of that year, see Ronald W. Stadt, Winchester Shotguns and Shotshells (Wola, Wisconsin, 1995), p. 161.  To be further confused as to the official announcement of the Model 21 see the 1930 and 1931 advertisements!

World Standard Guns and Ammunition, July 1931, featuring the single trigger and cylinder choke is the first general retail catalog to mention the Model 21.  Beaver tail forends, Monte Carlo stocks, cheek pieces and 3-inch chambers in 12,16 and 20 gauge are available on special order.

The second Model 21 Catalog, the first of the folded and stapled style, form #1184, announces Tournament, Trap Grades and the ventilated rib (12 gauge 32-inch barrels only).   Retail Price List #1184A published in June, 1932, accompanied the catalog after the first price increase went into effect.
This 1932 general catalog of World Standard Guns and Ammunition and Retail Price list #1222, published in June, 1932 introduces the Model 21 in Tournament and Trap grades.  Ventilated rib barrels are offered in 12 gauge 32-inch only.

Pocket catalog #1262, the first of its type, features the Model 21 Skeet Gun, the improved cylinder and 2 inch chambers as standard for all gauges.

1933 Catalogs that introduced the Model 21 Custom Built and the Tournament and Trap Grade Skeet Guns.   It is also the first catalog to list the 2 " chamber as standard for all gauges and the improved cylinder choke.

This, the third Model 21 catalog issued in 1933, form #1264.   Featuring the Tournament and Trap Grade Skeet guns with the new WS1 and WS2 chokes.
Catalog #89, the last 'Blue' catalog, published in 1934, is the first to list the 30" Vent rib 12 gauge barrel in Tournament, Trap and Custom Built grades.

Custom Built Shotguns ... Rifles, April, 1935.  While not strictly a Model 21 catalog, many engraved Model 21's  are shown, featuring the engraving of Rudolph J. Kornbrath and Alden George Ulrich.
Considered by many to be the most attractive Model 21 catalog, form #1423, is the last pre-war catalog.
Winchester World Standard Guns and Ammunition, #1688, 1940.   Introduced the Model 21 Duck Gun.

Winchester Rifles, Shotguns and Accessories - 1945, form #1827.   The last catalog I've found to list double trigger and extractor options.  Winchester often featured new models and/or calibers on the cover of price lists, I've not found another price list with a Model 21 on the cover.  These catalogs were intended for shop keepers and were not given to the trade.
The first post World War II catalog, form #1926, copyright 1948.

Catalog of Component Parts with List Prices - January 14th, 1949, form #2004.   The only parts catalog that lists all 4 variations of the Model 21.
The last color catalog, form #2111, issued for the production era.  This catalog is copyrighted 1953
A seldom seen reprint of #2111 this black and white catalog features a leather textured cover.  The catalog was used after supplies of the full color edition were exhausted.   Other than no form number or copyright date the catalog is an exact copy.   Although there is only one un-perforated customer specification sheet at the end.
Retail Price List of Winchester Rifles and Shotguns, Revised to January 2, 1954, form #2137.  The first trade catalog to feature the Model 21, 20-gauge in 3-inch magnum.
Retail Price List of Winchester Rifles and Shotguns, Revised to January 24, 1955, form #2137.  The first trade catalog to feature the Model 21 Custom Built .410 Bore.
Winchester Retail Price List, Rifles and Shotguns revised to September 30, 1955, form #2137 Rev. CP.   This catalog has a section for the 20 gauge 3-inch magnum mentioning the Super Speed and Super-X 3" shells with 1-3/16 ounces of shot.
Winchester Firearms, circa 1954.  The first 'Store Catalog' to feature the 20 gauge 3-inch magnum and the Custom Built .410 Bore.  The 'made for stock' 20 gauge magnum only came equipped with 30" F/F barrels.
January 2, 1959 retail price list that accompanied the 1958 retail catalog is Winchester's first announcement that regular production of the Model 21 had ceased.  The economy was slow in 1959 and to save money Winchester only published a supplemental price list.   The Wholesale-Retail Price List (next pane) provided more details.
Winchester Rifles and Shotguns, 1959 Wholesale-Retail Price List, form #2309.

The last catalog listing the Field, Magnum, Skeet, and Trap guns.  All prices on application.

Winchester and Western Sporting Arms and Ammunition, form #2359 Spring 1960, is the first retail catalog issued during the 'Custom Shop Era'.
Winchester Rifles and Shotguns, Wholesale-Retail Price List -1961, Effective January 3, 1961, form #1F001A.  The companion to Winchester and Western Sporting Arms and Ammunition for 1961, form #1AF001, is the first Price List to feature engraving plates for the Custom and Grand American grades.
The first catalog from the Custom Shop Era .  First used in 1961, it came in a white envelope.
The last Model 21 catalog published by Olin - Winchester.  Printed on glossy paper, this catalog features some of the best engraving cuts of any catalog.  Note the remark on the first page about the naming of the Model 21.  Compare that to Stadt' story about Herb Orre, Winchester Shotguns and Shotshells 1995, page 160,  and to the fact that the Model 21 followed the Model 20 single shot.   A little Madison Avenue hyperbole?
John Olin, King Buck and a Model 21 featured on the 1970 retail catalog.  The last retail catalog to have a Model 21 on the cover.
The catalog issued by The U.S.Repeating Arms Company.  The last catalog, for the last American made double barrel shotgun, the Winchester Model 21 contains excellent full color engraving plates.  The end of the line for America's highest achievement of the gunmakers art.   In the future I'll ad the factory letters announcing 'The one of eight' sets and the 28-gauge and .410 bore.

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